Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Short, sweet and to the point

Mick, the wonder dog, high on prednisone.

Naked fun time in the backyard.

Our favorite pastime...chasing bubbles, while naked, of course!

Juice sure knows how to play a mean game of softball. Here he is, also high on prednisone. I kid...

more backyard fun

Our short and sweet visit with cousin Reid. Wish we had more pictures!

"Since I'm almost 15 months older than you, I would like to give you some advice..."

Fat, tan and happy in Mexico. (me fat, Juice happy)

Reading with Pop on my 2nd birthday.

Not too happy with the new strider bike.

Sitting with Daddy in the Big Chair.

2nd birthday party, memorial day weekend 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our new playstructure thanks to TOHM

Obviously, Juice is having a better time than Jack.

We had the BEST time with the D's on Kauai. Can't wait to go back!

Juice snorkeling at the beach by The Beach House

Baby Beach, right in front of our house. Jack's crazy hairstyle is in thank to his mother covering him in sunscreen.

Wolfman Jack!

Mai Tais and G and T's at sunset. A nightly rountine.

Jack and Pop in Hanalei

Date night!

Mai Tai at The Beach House

Baby Beach view from our lanai

Other side of Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon

BEST picture ever!

Enjoying our first night's sunset with Nanny and Pop (and Elmo)

I love ketchup

I love bagel dogs!

The zoo

We went SFO and Sonoma in January and got to visit with Alice and Caroline

close to Fisherman's Wharf

enjoying a morning at the Ferry Building on Embarcadero

Aunt Nicole and Uncle Ryan

mom's slippers

Hangtime in the bus with our good friend Maddie

Visiting Grandma D in the Twin Cities

Christmas Eve in I.C. at the Salisburys

Jack, Pop, and Keaghan

me and my lovely sister, Lynn

I love my Pop!

Jack and Budddy

Jack and Maggie

Addie, Jack and Jackson

My birthday dinner at El Gaucho. Justin openly weeped...